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Industry Leading Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

We offer bespoke tracking services for all types of vehicle fleets.

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Cargo Tracking

Optimize the safety, security and efficiency of your logistics.

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White Label Tracking

Become a reseller or distributor of our vehicle tracking solutions.

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Camera Systems

Industry leading camera systems for safety and security.

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Vehicle Tracking

We offer bespoke tracking services for all types of vehicle fleets. From delivery scooters right through to large lorries, we can provide quality fleet tracking that will monitor fuel consumption, driver efficiency, position, speed, safety and more.

There are consoles for the drivers to get feedback on their own performance allowing them to make adjustments themselves.

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Cargo Tracking

Our bespoke solutions can help you optimize your transportation logistics. By optimizing your fleet operations you will take control of your overheads and be in a better place financially.  Cargo/Trailer tracking software allows easy access to essential information about your cargo. Information available includes location, current status, delivery activity and history, allowing you to optimize efficiency, productivity and accountability.

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White Label Solutions

We offer customers the option of becoming a reseller or distributor of our vehicle and cargo tracking solutions.

You can make money from vehicle tracking with our bespoke white label solutions. You will be able to offer a state of the art vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions to vehicle fleets using your own brand.

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Camera Systems

As well as offering industry leading tracking solutions, we also offer camera systems. These are useful for security purposes and also for issues related to bike safety.

With more cyclists on the road, road fatalities and injuries are becoming more common. To ensure that your vehicles are as considerate as possible of bicycles and other small road vehicles use our sophisticated camera systems.

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Industry Leading Hardware

Our high quality hardware is specifically designed and engineered to work fast, efficiently and reliably

Bespoke Solutions

We will install as few or many technical features as your business fleet requires.

Intuitive Interfaces

Our driver and management console interfaces are elegantly designed for ease of use.

Well Designed Code

Our programmers are well experienced in their field providing fast reliable software solutions.

Reliable Support

We have a reliable support team available to deal with any issues you may have.

Proven Solutions

We have been in the tracking sector for many years and know what works.

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