Squarell Products

Squarell Products

Vehicle data interfaces


SOLID is our most robust multi-source vehicle data interface. It is part of the range of Squarell solutions for advanced vehicle data solutions. With configurable functionality and extended connectivity (CANbus/RS232), SOLID can be used in automotive applications like telematics, real-time monitoring, measurement and interfacing.

Download SOLID-J leaflet (PDF)


FLEX is our most versatile multi-source vehicle data interface, lightweight and waterproof. It is part of the range of Squarell solutions for advanced vehicle data solutions. With configurable functionality and extended connectivity (CAN/J1708/K-line/RS232), FLEX can be used in automotive applications like telematics, real-time monitoring, measurement and interfacing.

Download FLEX leaflet (PDF)

Special Function Devices


The Squarell Driver Awareness Panel is an intelligent in-vehicle display providing drivers the stimulation they need to drive smarter. It works on every vehicle with a Squarell interface and gives visual and audible notifications to the driver on several performance indicators without being intrusive.

Download DAP leaflet (PDF)

Fuel Level Sensor

Some vehicle models don’t support fuel level as a parameter on the vehicle CANbus. The Squarell Fuel Level sensor is a universal product to read the Fuel level from the existing fuel level sensor on the tank and translates this signal into a standard Squarell message.

Download FLS leaflet (PDF)

Bluetooth Module

Why use a separate modem with SIM as you probably have a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection? An SFD Bluetooth device can inform the driver through a smartphone with actual information about the truck, trailer and cargo.

Download Bluetooth leaflet (PDF)

Trailer ID

How would you check if the correct trailer is coupled to the tractor unit? With the Squarell Trailer ID System you have this information available on your tractor and telematics system. The system transmits the Trailer ID to the truck using existing wires.

Download Trailer ID leaflet (PDF)


After the launch of the CANcliQ, Squarell introduced the new and innovative DatacliQ. The CANcliQ could be used on a direct CANbus. Due to extensive development, the DatacliQ can now also be used to retrieve data off a J1708 bus, an ISO11992 bus.

Other Products


The CANcliQ reads vehicle signals without making a wire to wire connection. This eliminates liability matters, warranty issues or possible wrong connections.

Download CancliQ leaflet (PDF)

Telematics Dev Kit

The FLEX Telematics Development Kit (TDK) provides the means to create powerful vehicle data solutions based on CANbus, J1708 and K-line.

Download Dev Kit leaflet (PDF)

Squarell software

  • ExpertView: a system built for Squarell customers to manage their devices.
  • iCheck: an easy tool to perform a quick installation check.
  • iUpload: an easy tool to update a device with the latest firmware and choose the correct DCF for the device.
  • DCF: Device Configuration File.